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Company Philosophy

Virtual Mechanics supports customers’ research and development by providing vehicle dynamics simulation software which simulates driving tests in a virtual environment and its application technology. Leading customers, the developer and partner companies, VMC plays a pivotal role for the innovation, enabling the customers to expedite their R&D.

Since its foundation in 1999, VMC has promoted the sales of the vehicle dynamics simulation software VehicleSim products as our core business and provided simulation and its peripheral technologies.  

Through the organizational restructuring for business expansion in April, 2015, we have realized an environment in which we can provide products and support specialized for vehicle dynamics simulation. 

Simulation technology can be a powerful tool to significantly reduce physical testing and dramatically increase development efficiency by understanding that the technology is built up based on preconditions varied according to each application purpose and optimizing its operation. 

VehicleSim products which we provide are developed and distributed by Mechanical Simulation Corporation headquartered in the US, and are used by a large number of engineers as a plant model mainly for the vehicle dynamics performance evaluation and vehicle motion control in the automobile development. 

As you well know, the vehicle motion control is considered as the core technology for preventive safety which broadly ranges from the ABS to steering, suspension and drivetrain controls. Also, recently a vehicle dynamics plant model with high-fidelity is required for the ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) and autonomous driving areas with growing interests, resulting in the expansion of VehicleSim products usage.  

Our company not only provides the products but also strives to deliver quick and easy-to-understand support in order to enable the users to engage in their business with confidence and smile, based on our belief that engineers’ primary mission is to efficiently forge ahead with engineering work without stress and being backed up by technical evidence. In addition, to make contribution, no matter how small, to the enhancement of basic knowledge of engineers who are involved in automobile development, we will continue to provide seminars where they can learn vehicle dynamics. 

We are determined to further contribute to the growth of the automobile industry. More specifically, we will foster our organization to quickly respond to the needs of engineers in terms of the future direction (what they should achieve), extent (how far in performance and scale) and speed (timing and schedule), and deepen the trust we have gained over the years. In addition, we will proactively expand into new areas.  

January, 2016
Eiji Takita
Virtual Mechanics Corporation

Business domain

Corporate Information

Company name: Virtual Mechanics Corporation
Date founded: April 1, 2015 (Date when business started: April 14, 1999)
Capital: 10 million yen
CEO Eiji Takita
Sanei Bld.8F, 1-10-19, Marunochi, Nagoya Shi Naka Ku, Aichi Ken, 460-0002, Japan
  Tel:+81-52-265-6035   Fax:+81-52-265-6091
11, BIZcircleOhmorisannou, 
Sannoubridge.3F2-5-6, Sanno, Ota Ku, Tokyo To, 143-0023, Japan
Business: 1.Planning, development, import, sales and technical support of simulation tools
2.Simulation tool technical support
Product line: 1.1.Mechanical Simulation Company CarSim,BikeSim,TruckSim,SuspensionSim
2.Foretellix Foretify™
Main bank: MUFJ Bank, Ltd. and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Group company: VMC Inc.


Stars business as Virtual Mechanics Corporation.
Enters into an agent agreement with Mechanical Simulation Corporation headquartered in the US, and starts sales and technical support of the vehicle dynamics simulation software in Japan.
Releases CarSim 4.5 and TruckSim 4.6.
Starts the distribution to Japanese automobile manufacturers and suppliers.
Releases CarSim 5.0.
Prototypes a driving simulator for demonstration.
Exhibits at Automotive Engineering Exposition Yokohama 2001.
Releases TruckSim 5.0.
Organizes CarSim/TruckSim User’s Conference 2002 in Nagoya.
2003 Exhibits at MATLAB EXPO 2003 and J-MAAB Open Conference.
Releases CarSim 6.0.
Exhibits at MATLAB EXPO 2004.
Along with business expansion, relocates the head office to Mizuho Ward, Nagoya City.
Releases TruckSim 6.0.
Organizes CarSim/TruckSim User Conference 2005 in Tokyo.
Releases BikeSim 1.0.
Exhibits at Automotive Engineering Exposition Yokohama 2006.
With the new Companies Act enforced, reorganizes the corporate structure into Virtual Mechanics Corporation.
Releases CarSim 7.0.
Exhibits at Automotive Engineering Exposition Yokohama 2007.
Organizes CarSim/TruckSim/BikeSim User’s Conference 2007 in Nagoya.
Releases TruckSim 7.0.
Exhibits at Automotive Engineering Exposition Yokohama 2008.
Releases CarSim 7.1.
Releases BikeSim 2.0.
Exhibits at Automotive Engineering Exposition Yokohama 2009.
Releases CarSim 8.0.
Releases TruckSim 8.0.
Releases BikeSim 3.0.
Exhibits at Automotive Engineering Exposition Yokohama 2010.
Organizes CarSim/TruckSim/BikeSim User’s Conference 2010 in Tokyo.
Along with business expansion, relocates the head office to the current location.
Exhibits at Automotive Engineering Exposition Yokohama 2011.
Releases Simulation Server. 
Releases CarSim 8.1.
Releases BikeSim 3.1.
Organizes CarSim/TruckSim/BikeSim User’s Conference 2012 in Tokyo.
Exhibits at ITS World Congress Tokyo 2013
Organizes CarSim/TruckSim/BikeSim User’s Conference 2014 in Tokyo.
Releases CarSim 9.0.
Founds a new company which specializes in the vehicle dynamics simulation software.
Inherits the company name and vehicle dynamics related business from VMC Inc. (Fig.1)
Releases CarSim/TruckSim/BikeSim 2016.
Exhibits at Autonomous Vehicle and ADAS Japan.
Organizes CarSim/TruckSim/BikeSim/SuspensionSim User’s Conference 2014 in Tokyo.
Releases CarSim/TruckSim/BikeSim 2017.
Exhibits at TU Automotive Japan.
Opens Tokyo office in Hamamatsucho, Minato Ward.
Releases CarSim/TruckSim/BikeSim 2018.
Organizes CarSim/TruckSim/BikeSim/SuspensionSim User’s Conference 2018 in Tokyo.
Releases CarSim/TruckSim/BikeSim 2019.
Exhibits at Automotive Engineering Exposition Yokohama 2019.
Releases CarSim/TruckSim/BikeSim/SuspensionSim 2020.
Exhibits at 12th AUTOMOTIVE WORLD 2020.
Relocates the Tokyo office to Sanno, Ota Ward.


OEM Companies

Toyota Motor
Nissan Motor
Honda R&D
Mitsubishi Motors
Mazda Motor
Suzuki Motor
Daihatsu Motor
Isuzu Motors
Hino Motors
Yamaha Motor
Kawasaki Heavy Industries

Supplier Companies

Robert Bosch-Japan
Continental Automotive Corporation
Aisin Seiki
Nissin Kogyo

Research Labs, Simulators, and Other Organizations

University of Tokyo
Kyoto University
Nagoya University
Kyushu University
Kobe University
Nihon University
Keio University
Waseda University
NTSEL(National Lab.)
Japan Automobile Research Institute

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