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代表取締役 滝田栄治

In 2020, Virtual Mechanics Corporation made a start into the next era with our new principle, Realize an enriched and healthy society through innovative technologies.

It is very important for people to be healthy and also to lead a cultural life. Our mission is to realize a society where people can lead an enriched life with time and mental leeway while staying healthy, by leveraging technology.

Since the foundation in 1999, we have contributed to society by supporting the automobile development in the Vehicle Dynamics area through the sales and technical support of the VehicleSim products to create a secure and safe automobile society.

It is said that in the near future, a turning point called singularity will be reached and the evolution of technology will bring a major transformation in people’s lives.

To accelerate changes in the world, we believe it is essential to set up the environment for supporting the latest technology and research and development.

As well as delivering new technology, we offer proposals which exceed expectations and navigate customers to fundamental solutions by understanding what challenges they are facing from a comprehensive perspective.

In addition, we will support engineers engaged in research and development so that they can efficiently proceed with their engineering work without stress, being backed up with technical evidence.
Also, we comply with laws and social norms, fulfill social responsibilities with high ethical standards and maintain fair, impartial and transparent relationships with all the stakeholders.

By providing cutting-edge technology and supporting the development environment where it is used, we hope that technology generated out of it will enrich our lives.

We continuously strive for society with diversity where enriched culture will be nurtured so that people can build healthy and peaceful society.

Eiji Takita
Virtual Mechanics Corporation

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